Canadian Luxury Apparel Report

2018 Canadian Luxury Apparel Report

The three fastest growing segments of the Canadian retail apparel market have, for some time, been the off-price, e-commerce and luxury apparel segments. The growth of the Canadian luxury apparel segment is being driven by the influx of new luxury apparel retailers/brands along with an increase in the number of higher income and millenial households , and increased tourism. Taken together, the luxury apparel segment, in 2017, accounted for almost 8% of Canadian apparel sales. The importance of this segment will continue to increase over the next five years based on Trendex’s forecast of the 2018-2021 Canadian luxury apparel market.

In recognition that there is no reliable information on the Canadian luxury apparel market, Trendex is proud to announce that on October 9, 2018 it published its second definitive report on the luxury apparel market in Canada. The report includes information on the size of the market, along with insights as to the retail channels of distribution and individual retailers shares. Profiles of each of the major luxury Canadian apparel retailer’s is included in the report, along with a forecast of the 2018-2021 Canadian Luxury Apparel market.

The cost of the Canadian Luxury Apparel report (which can be distributed to all interested parties within a company purchasing the report) is US$295.00.